Real Estate Investments

Cannabis Real Estate Investments by Canvas

We are a group of Mission Critical Data Center Operators, Designers, Engineers, and Builders who have joined to bring together what we know about the Data Center world to the legalized marijuana market. Much of what we know from years of working in data centers is directly applicable to the high-tech grow market. In order to have predictable results in the greenhouse, you need to have a predictable environment and know what that environment is doing. This is no different than in the Mission Critical datacenter environment. We intend to use our vast network to assemble the best facilities possible so we can all thrive. Much like the days that saw massive investment and innovation in the data center industry, we see a pattern in the legalized Marijuana market where best practices and standardizations are starting to organically develop. Access control, cooling, humidity control, 24-forever power are all things that have been solved for in the data center market. Clear critical thinking and planning are required to innovate and iterate on facility design and operations, and we know that will set us apart from the rest trying to operate purely in the real estate market. We bring not only financing but also design and construction experience to your real estate investment to ensure that everything is done right the first time.

Canvas Investments LLC is providing the cannabis industry with a unique approach to the investment side of real estate. Our focus is on financially sound cannabis facilities that are trending neutral or net positive on their revenue stream, which will allow our investment team to focus on the upswing of their business. There are few tried and true approaches in the real estate investment strategy, and a lot of them focused heavily on the finance side, but forget that continued development means continuous construction management. Cost overruns, schedule impacts, material expenses can cause delays in repayment to investors.

As a cannabis real estate investor, Canvas will enhance real estate through continued investments in infrastructure as well as cannabis processing equipment. The Initial NNN lease will take into account the process and investments which Canvas will provide to the cannabis processor or retail shop’s future growth. The overall partnership will rely on the collective knowledge of the cannabis industry-specific to that facility’s location, laws, municipalities, and supply chain availability. Understanding those strategic partnerships that have been built, and then encouraging new growth in those partnerships to enhance the supply chain and boost sales.

Construction Design & Development with Operational Grow Expertise for the Cannabis Real Estate Industry

Canvas Investments LLC will be a trusted partner for those in the retailers, growers, and processors in all states in which cannabis is legal. Canvas will support the development of your cannabis business the way you dreamed, and ensure there is stability in the funding of your business as well as a developer that has an eye on quality development of the physical infrastructure. We are looking for cannabis companies that have existing licensing, a stable business plan, and infrastructure that can be improved and built upon