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Cannabis Financing For Your Business- Cannabis Construction Loan

Design, Construction, Cannabis Business Financing, & Operation Efficiency

for the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Processing Development

Our cannabis financing team layers insights from our mission critical, data center, and construction design experience with an unmatched knowledge base of the legal cannabinoid industry. In order for you to develop the best product possible you need to ensure consistent, repeatable results. This means controlling for bugs, temperature, humidity, water purity, lighting and airflow among other factors in the grow environment.


Extraction Facility

In a cannabis processing and extraction facility you have tight controls on reliable power and cooling, gas delivery and safety devices. We can not only help you take that site to the next level, we can get it done quickly and in a repeatable manner. The efficiency of a cannabis processing facility solely depends on the enterprises’ design. We are ready to deliver knowledge and expertise to increase the efficiency of your facility.


Sale & Leaseback

Our Sale-Leaseback program is for State licensed Cannabis businesses. We will buy your facility and triple net lease it back to you, which allows you to gain access to capital from your existing facility to be utilized for the growth and expansion phase of your business. Let us help you grow your business with our cannabis business financing opportunities. So rather than keeping your equity in the land Canvas will purchase your real estate and then lease it back to you under a long term lease.


Cannabis Business Financing & Grow Facility Development Expertise for the Cannabis Industry

So you have a good business, you have made smart investments and grown organically out of cash flow or friends and family sourced capital. But now you have a growing business and a bunch of hard assets that you worked so hard to build and need to take the next step. This is where Canvas can help.

Sale Lease-back models have been used for decades to create liquid capital to allow businesses to springboard to the next level. Perhaps you need to do a large capital-intensive upgrade. Perhaps it’s time to buy out a partner or investor. Or maybe it’s just time for you to pay off some high-interest debt. By selling and then leasing back your hard asset like a grow facility or a processing facility you not only still get to use that asset but you also now have the capital to grow your business.

At Canvas we do not stop there. The industry is rife with stories of the Cannabis industry being taken for exorbitant prices on design and construction work. Or many times qualified trades deem the risk of working on a Cannabis facility too risky because of a perceived or real threat of getting paid, or the inability of an owner to be able to bond a project properly. This is where we can really help, not only give you the capital reserves any company needs for a rainy day fund or smart expansion, but also help facilitate the proper and professional design and construction of a truly state-of-the-art facility.

In the data center industry, we come from everyone from the first designer to touch a project to the operator who then runs that site for the next 20+years has the same mentality, failure is not an option, and we look to bring that to the Cannabis industry. Let’s grow together, email us for cannabis business financing opportunities today!