Cannabis Business Loans

Cannabis Business Loans – Extraction Facility Funding & Financing

Canvas Investments LLC is looking to acquire well established industrial and retail properties from state-licensed medical and recreational-use cannabis operators. The properties are then leased back under long-term, triple net lease (NNN) agreements. We focus on developed companies that have successfully gone through the rigorous state licensing process and have been granted a license in the state where the property is located. The initial real estate investment allows the cannabis partner to redistribute the capital into primary business goals, which Canvas Investments will help develop if need be. Stages of growth, time line of investment criteria, and critical infrastructure upgrades/repairs.

We provide cannabis business loans that get your business growing.

We will work with licensed operators with the following license types:


sale leaseback for cannabis real estate loans

Benefits of the Buy-Leaseback Approach

For the Seller:

The operator continues to grow their business with the influx of capital while continuing to use, occupy and control their property.

For the Buyer:

The buyers gets a solid commercial or industrial property with strong covenants and steady long-term yields.

Our Sample Lease-Back Terms

We are currently targeting $5 to $30 Million dollar deals.   In this sale-leaseback model we are open to talk about additional expansion options and can bring the breadth and depth of our design and construction services to bear to not only free up capital on the existing facility but also do expansion or upgrades to complement your already working business model.  We are looking to invest in smart growth and help compliment what got you this far.